Garrys mod 2 Problems with Pointshop. Need help!

‘Sorry if you cant understand my english, im from germany :D’

First my serverinformations.

-Gamemode: TTT
-Platform: Linux
-Server created with SteamCMD!
-FastDL is available. (The models and textures was installed!)

I installed 3 playermodels in pointshop, but all players see only a fat error! The models+textures was installed into my FastDL!
Here are my 3 lua files. The name of my playermodels are Hitler, PedoBear and Batman.

After the round started, the playermodels will set into a random CSS playermodel :frowning: !! How can i set the playermodel forever?

Please i need help…

!!Fuck my english!! SORRY

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Need help :frowning: quick