Garry's Mod 2D?

I had an amazing idea before!

Garry’s Mod 2D! Obviously it will be a flash game, but i thought it would be a good idea if someone made it.

Here is my awesome paint skills, to represent my idea :smiley:

So any ideas or suggestions?
Maybe this thread could motivate someone to make Gmod 2D, who knows?

Nice MS paint.It will be hard to play zombie survival or stalker.

Would be boring as hell as a flash game, just make a gamemode for Garrys mod in 2d. Would work much better.

There was/is, Sidescroller. It was only deathmatch though

Decent idea, except it’d be incredibly boring.

On the flip side, cross your eyes after trying pp_stereo… ahh find it… 1 and try gaming in stereo! :wink:

We could always just add Physguns to Noxnet’s 2D Mario gamemode.

How are we going to have a physics engine in a 2D game??

Wtf are you talking about? ALOT of flash games have physics engines you twat. Just do a google search for flash physics games.


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One of them is the flash version of portal with the cubes and turrets and stuff.

He was sarcastic.

Look up Phun.

Also look up Burning sand.

Phun is fun.

Awesome idea. If only I had some skills with Flash…

Phun? OE Cake? There’s loads of 2D Physics Sandboxes.

Don’t forget Cortex Command.

Damn… You guys beat me to “Phun” :frowning:

Can sand burn?

Enable sv_cheats and then type camorthro (I think that’s right)into console. No idea what it’s for, but it makes everything in Source 2 dimensional =/

or something

nine thousand hours of ms paint