[Garry's Mod] 3 things I need fixed (DarkRP addons)

Before you click the “dumb” icon on this thread, keep in mind I am new, and I didn’t want to resort to this but I have to make this help thread.


Ok, I have 3 things I need fixed.

1. There’s a huge Breen NPC selling shit, I never even placed it there. I need it gone. >inb4 dumb x22


2. I want the Raw Moon Sugar (Meth) and Potion Brewer (Stove) specifically for TEAM_DRUG (Skooma Dealer class) because it shows for everyone.


2 (a) I tried doing this in darkrpmodification settings, but to no success; how do I make it whenever you have drugs, and change jobs, your drug entities disappear?
2 (b) Also, if you can - just a bonus. How do I remove the money printer entity obsolete? I don’t want /buy printer or have it show up in the F4 menu.

3. I need props to be ghosted whenever you use your phys gun on it, or whenever there’s a person nearby. I managed to get prop protection, but you can scroll back on a prop and fly to the sky barrier…


Please, before you post; keep in mind I AM new to this all, and I’m trying my best. I actually managed to fix other things, I was going to turn to the Facepunch community but chose not to. But I can’t, for the life of me, get any of these fixed. And I went to my last resort; help thread.


Some of the textures on my map aren’t physical, and you can ghost right through them… the fuck? (I’m using rp_lakeland)


You server is missing models.

That’s nice and all, but for which problem are you answering to specifically?

The stuff people can wakl through in maps is due to the server not having the game for those assets. The server can’t calculate the collision of the player to that object if it doesn’t have the collision model for that object.

This section isn’t a place for people to make requests to get things done. You should learn Lua and basic programming fundamentals before making your own server. We shouldn’t be expected to help because of your inability.

  1. How are we suppose to do that for you…

  2. Go to where the items are defined and see if there’s a specific job you can set it for.

2a. Go to where it sets the players job and do a check on their job, then check their inventory or whatever and do what you’d like.

2b. remove it from where the entities are defined for that.

If you want to make something translucent, set its render mode to RENDERMODE_TRANSALPHA using http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Entity/SetRenderMode and

[lua]Entity:SetColor(ColorAlpha(Entity:GetColor(), 0.5)) – sets the alpha to half opaque (being optimistic c:)[/lua]

Bonus points: refer to top

I thought the lack of my programming abilities is why there are things like “help” sections on development forums.

I don’t think you understand, I know basic Lua. I’ve fixed like 80% of all problems I had without resorting to Facepunch.

But these things I just can’t fix, and it’s funny because off of problem #2 is suppose to be an easy fix.

[EDIT] Your links are for Gravity gun scripts. Not Phys.