Garry's mod 9 - Help

I realise that gmod 10 exists but, after 3 years since the last time I played gmod 9, I wanted to go back and have some fun with my old database of models and skins like the “Sweet Ass Weapon pack” etc, that I used to have for gmod 9.

So after I installed the mod with no problems, and geting all my models ready, I sarted up this game. But strangely I can’t play it.

The normal background appears during the first loading( the one with the paint bucket and gravity gun), but when the menu appears it chages to the first HL2 background, with the citadel and metrocops walking around, but still with Garrys Mod 9 on the top of the menu. I found that odd but continued anyway and clicked new game and it didnt work. Most of the options in the menu do nothing.

So I turned to some of my old save games, i was able to load everyone of them, but in game i dont have any HUD, or weapons, its just me walking around the map in that save.

Can anyone help me/tell me if im doing something wrong? or after a few years, this mod won’t work with the new versions of HL2?

I had the same problem when installing Gmod9. Must have been a problem with the first few copies I got.

Try this one:

It’s the only one I got working.

Yhea this one works fine! thanks!

Now to reinstall my database :S

open up gameinfo.txt in Gmod folder edit the "SteamAppsId from 220 change it to 215…fixed my problem

Wait is this the full gmod 9 game? or is it just something to fix his game? lol j/w

probly the full game ill tell you im DL it to check it out

If you get it to work please let me know because I placed it in my username folder with my other games and nothing happens so :stuck_out_tongue: and I did restart steam as well.

Yea its the full game.


You put the gmod9 folder into “steamapps\SourceMods”.

The Half-Life 2 Update broke almost EVERY Mod.Especially Completly modified one like , SMOD , Garry’s Mod 9 , ect…

Yhea that was the full Gmod game, I finally got mine working.