Garry's Mod 9 Multiplayer Problem

I wanted to play Garry’s Mod with a friend of mine, but he doesn’t have Gmod 10 and he’s never even tried it before, so I convinced him to download Gmod 9, we were going to put up a server for awhile so me and him could play, however, when I tried to start a listen server, it would crash immediately, so we decided to join someone elses when I was faced with this error:

“Your version does not match the servers. Please restart the game”
Even though I restarted multiple times, it just wouldn’t work.

I tried starting my own dedicated server, after toying around with the files, I managed to start one and after I tried joining it, again, “Your version does not match the servers. Please restart the game”
I know well enough that they’re both the same version (9.0.4.) but I can’t even join my own server, even though both my Client and Server are clean without any mods at all.

I don’t have these issues with Gmod 10, so I have no idea whats going on.

I know that 9.0.4. isn’t supported anymore, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tell him to get Gmod 10.
click on “download starten”

I knew somebody would tell me that, but he wouldn’t as he has no way to buy games off Steam.

I just tried it, no improvements.

hmmm try this one

Thanks, that one seems to have worked.

Can’t he just use this link?

I think he just doesn’t want to spend $10. It’s a wee bit expensive don’t you think.


It’s the cheapest game I’ve ever bought, and I’ve played it more than games I’ve paid 90 bucks for.

^ Exactly. Gmod is SO much better than anything I’ve played in a while - even Crysis, in my opinion. And I paid like 8 euros for it!

It was a sarcastic remark. For the amount of stuff you can do in GMOD it’s well worth the 10 dollars. I would say we would be ripping Garry off.

Garry’s mod is best mod and game in world!

It’s definetely the best Mod but I wouldn’t say it’s the best game.

i tried that because i am having the same problems but that didn’t work?

Well the problem with gmod 10 is that some people like me don’t have a creditcard
Owh sorry bump

Then use Paypal or Clickandbuy :downs:

Playing multiplayer on gmod 10 will give you better results.

Your link didn’t work, but instead it keep on telling me that they can’t find the address.

That’s because the link is 9 months old. Somebody bumped the thread.

What do you mean “bumped”?