Garry's Mod 9

Alright, my friend says you can get Gmod 9 for free but I can’t find where, I go to the Steam Store and go to Garry’s Mod 9 But it sends me to the website and I can’t find where to download GMod 9.
Please Help!

Thanks! has a download for most versions, I don’t read the language but I managed to find my way on there to the downloads without a translator.

By the way, to get it to appear in steam you need to do some stuff with folders and something to do with the gameinfo.txt, so I’d just google a tutorial for that.

I’m pretty sure this is a no-no.

Wares you mean?
I think so.
I remember Gmod 9 having to be bought.
Lemme check steam store.


Nope, it’s a mod, so you can just get it on the steam store.
I’m viewing on my mac laptop so I don’t know if that messes anything up.

no, GMod 9 is free…

You only need to modify the gameinfo.txt if you do not have one of the following: