Garry's Mod 9.

Hey guys, I want to download Garry’s Mod 9, but on Steam theres only a link to a website, which leads to… Is there any way to download it? (I own Garry’s Mod 10 with steam.)

Try using google. Also, I believe that version 9.0.4c is the only one that works.

Why do you want 9 if you have 10?

I’m wanting to edit the maps.

Which maps? And what do you mean by “edit”?

Here’s a link to Gmod 9.0.4c THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!

Like, the old gm_construct.

gmod 9 download google it

Try the link below

Doesn’t work if you show them the URL :downs:

why download the whole mod when there is probably the same map uploaded on

Guys, just give him the damn download link.

That’s where I downloaded it.