Garry's Mod Achievements

Yup, the patch just has to be applied. Garry submitted the patch to Valve 2 days ago. Very excited.

It’s a shame garry has no creativity and made pretty much all of them Waste X amount of your life or Do Meaningless Non-Gameplay Task X Amounts of times

Official achievements from Garry? I guess the rumors came true! Now that’s two good things that have happened today!

I just wish that there was more than a measly 15.

15 are better than none, maybe he’ll make more?

Just finished getting all the achievements!! First ever!! World Record !! Thanks Kieran !! We did it !!

 Secret Phase: Say the Secret Phase




How did they manage to get a hack patch out that fast?

Especially since the update hasn’t been released yet.

Holy crap How did you do that

Make a speed racer achievement for going real fast in a vehicle

The update has been released, I’ve already earned a couple of the achievements :expressionless:


There’s a Steam achievement unlocker that will do all Source games.

And to anyone who uses it: wow you’re so cool, you clicked a button and got some meaningless text on your profile. My hero!

These achievements suck.

No argument there. Garry needs to put some more effort into this.

They weren’t rumors. I posted them right on and Garry was talking about them on Twitter and his blog.

Herp derp I wasted my entire life on garrysmod

What a silly attempt at making me feel bad

Why would you want an achievement that brags about wasting a year of your life on Garry’s Mod?

The real question is why do you want achievements in the first place?

What * Is * the secret phrase?