Garrys Mod Achievements.

Could some one do an achievement mod?
There already is one, but it don´t has much stuff…

( )

Its maybe funny for build servers, or something.
Or client side? So you can use them on any server.

Could anyone do this?


YAY, He did it! Release thread:
Thanks rabidtoaster.

Even though i can’t help you with getting it client/serverside - i might be able to put up a piece of code to make new ones, let me look into it.

Already made, though not released. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please finish it and release :smiley:

Looks quite like the real deal.

The other one isn´t good, it´s even visible in the escape menu, but i want to call it with console command.
Make MUCH achievements, i want to have much to do.

I love achievements for gmod, because gmod has no real mission, so you can set your own, and if you can´t do any achievement, do another! :smiley:

I want it:
Opened by console command (but that it DOES track while closed, with some autorun script)
Much achievements!

Looks pretty awesome. :v: Do you have any achievements focused around building stuff, though? Because most of these aren’t really hard to get, or they look too mingey. I have some achievement ideas, but I dunno if they are possible or not.

Meh, don’t care about the names though, I know they suck. :v: But you would have to do some system that detects whenever the playing is using anything from an addon, and disables the achievements in this case.


There you go. Please tell me of any problems/room for improvement you find. I’m not going to do an official release most likely, though.

Just downloaded, looks awesome. I shall be installing it momentarily :smiley:

Please tell me what you think after you’ve tried it, too. :v:

Works great, without a hitch (except for being rather small of a window on lower resolutions). (Tested with a custom achievement, cause, well. Great job that, by the way.)

I see so much potential here. If I only I didn’t suck at Lua so…

It’s awesome and works great, I currently have two achievements. :v: I would like to have some more then 13 achievements but awesome work nonetheless.

By the way, is the “The Proclaimers” achievement actually 500 miles? :wooow:

I would’ve done more, but I wanted to make it completely clientside, and there’s not that much info you can get. I’ll see if I can think up some more, and ideas are appreciated (especially if they’re achievable :v:).


Maybe something with SWEPs or popular mods like Stargate and Easy Engine? I don’t know if it could be done but it could be fun, like what about… “Bounce the bouncy ball 100 yards in the air”? Join a server which have a certain mod?

I know that I just say a bunch of stuff but I can’t really imagine something else that could possible be clientside.

Oh and I’m trying to do the Achievement “Dedicated” now, only about 2 hours left. :v:

Edit: Could you make F4 toogle the window instead of just bringing it up? Or is it a console command for toogling?

GOD i love you.

PLEASE make more of this, and i don´t want the f4 thing, just command.


That’s perfect, i love it. The Achievements are really funny. :slight_smile:


Please update, I coded this over a year ago and one of the achievements buggered up custom gamemodes. :stuck_out_tongue:

God, i love you.

Make more, the comunity will love you!

I failed to achieve “Dedicated” because I crashed, now I have to play another 3 hours in singleplayer. Got two other achievements though so I guess it evens out.

I love this, I just need some more achievements… I would make my own but I can’t code that well. If you decide to make more then I could try and make some images for them.

I have to say this is pretty awesome. I would like a simple interface to add new achievements, although I think simply putting it in an svn repository will do because then you get moderation, support from people you trust enough to give access, and of course automatic updates for everyone that wants new achievements.