Garry's Mod Addon - Improved Hud

I’m Walker [JB] TR from Steam.

Improved Hud

Bored Old Hud Like Half Life 2? This is new HUD PACK for you. You can add DESIGNS for it. Just post it to me.


  • Show your status in Mini Status Area by pressing TAB.
  • Open Improved Menu by pressing F3 (default).
  • Change key to open Improved Menu.
  • Toggle Mini Status Area from Improved Menu.
  • Change color of texts and backgrounds.
  • Choose HUD design. (More designs coming soon…)


  • Team Fortress 2, Call Of Duty, Counter Strike : Global Offensive, Borderlands 2 HUDs…
  • A map with X,Y,Z positions…

adfly links aren’t allowed on facepunch

That’s really cool but yeah.

Please replace your link with this:

Mind making one for DarkRP?

There are plenty of DarkRP HUD’s available.

So, I’ve been looking into HUD stuff myself. When is Armour actually used? Like, almost every HUD seems to have it, but I’ve never seen it in GMod.

Why not but I wanna check if there will be balance and salary area? If yes I should look source codes of darkrp plugin. Pm me or add me at steam Walker [JB] TR

Edit : And I’m going to make my addon with more than one buds. Like HUD Pack. But I need designs for it. Code or idea :

Well, armour is basically the level of HL2’s HEV suit :smiley: On some maps you will find combine chargers, and by using them you gain armour.

Improved Hud 2 will release on 13 June 2013 with new features. Features are listed on workshop.

I think you mean July.

no man he is in da PAST