Garry's Mod Addon Info Creator

Garry’s Mod Addon Info Creator

This has been on my hard drive for over a month, it was my first VB.NET project.
Anyways what it does is create info.txt files for addons (Info.txt files provide information about the addon)
I’m posting it here so maybe somebody will find it useful



Nice should save us developers some time, downloading.

How do i get that in game youtube player to start work n in gmod help as soon as u can

XD omg make a god-damn thread, but as you’ve said i will help you.

Once you have it in game you will need to press the start key to get out of gmod then go to youtube find the video you want to watch and copy the url, re-enter gmod and paste it onto the tv by pressing e.
For you to be able to watch it you must have the flash media player installed for internet explorer, IT MUST BE INTERNET EXPLORER.


Back on topic : The info creator is very nice but just one minor addition would be nice.

When saving the file the name needs to be info.txt wich many people who use this could get it wrong, so what i would have suggested is to make the save name automaticly set to info.


Also the programme icon is rather nice, did you make it?

Wow i dont got 1 word u just F n said not so fast dang man

ok sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I will do it in bullets

. Have the youtube tv succesfully installed in gmod
. Go to youtube on any internet browser
. Find the video you want to use
. Copy the url found to the left of the search engine
. Go into garrysmod
. Access the youtube tv and paste the url in
. press enter and enjoy
. If the video does not display it means you need to download flash media player using internet explorer

Is that understandable now?

Are info.txts even used anymore? I thought they removed the mod menu ages ago.

Of course they use info.txt , its whats used to make a customly made script or whatever a addon.

Without using a info.txt the downloader would be left installing all the file directories to the garrysmod base directory.
So as i said for us devs this will make our jobs easier and quicker and lifts the drudgery of using notepads all the time :slight_smile:

Well yes, addons require an info.txt in their folder, however the data inside it doesn’t matter. I could easily copy over the info.txt from wiremod into the spacebuild folder and it wouldn’t make a difference.

Yeah of course, but its nice to stick you’re name on it.

I find that Info.txt is incredibly easy to make and doesn’t require a creator.

Yeah i agree, but its still a nice little programme to have. I like it!

It is. It’s piss to make, only 5 seconds.
But you also need to find out the values in it aswell. Such as “info” is actually the description.
Next version I will probaly add the option to set it in override mode, and I will also make the default name in the save dialog info.txt

Thanks for the C/C!


Should have been cc really, constructive criticism, anyway, I don’t see the point in the override option being added, as if I remember correctly we were told not to use it by the wiki, minds a bit fucked, so that might need checking.


OP’s link is dead. Shame, I wanted to compare mine and yours.

Is it really necessary for this to be done?
It’s a text file with what? 5 lines?
Takes about 1 minute to do.

I made a little Python script for it once.

I find it convenient.