Garry's Mod addon problem DarkRP

Hey, I am using a addon called “BoomBox”( which I got to add to my server. Adding it in, it works great, it’s just that everyone can buy it. I did as the creator said and went to lua/weapons/weapon_boombox/shared.lua and at the top it had this:

AddEntity(“BoomBox”, {
ent = “apb_boombox”,
model = “models/custom/boombox.mdl”,
price = 6000,
max = 1,
cmd = “buyboombox”


I tried adding making it so only my DJ job can purchase it so as usual I added “allowed = {TEAM_DJ},” under cmd = “buyboombox” and I just get this error:

[ERROR] addons/customhq-boombox_for_drp_with_new_music_site/lua/weapons/weapon_b
oombox/shared.lua:8: ‘}’ expected (to close ‘{’ at line 2) near ‘allowed’

  1. unknown - addons/customhq-boombox_for_drp_with_new_music_site/lua/weapons/w

This person appears to also have the same error:

Also, I contacted the creator of this addon asking how to fix this and this is all he said:

CustomHQ // busy: hi
CustomHQ // busy: you have AddEntity function in script
CustomHQ // busy: just make timer for adding
CustomHQ // busy: before AddEntity
CustomHQ // busy: timer.Simple(3,function()
CustomHQ // busy: and - end)
CustomHQ // busy: after

I tried to add it in but I know I am doing something wrong. Can someone help me with this? Also this is my first post so apologies if I did anything that annoys anyone or posted in the wrong section. Thanks.