Garry's Mod addon uploader/updater

Hello, my name is walrusking and i have created a batch script for people to update/publish addons.

Publish an addon
Update with/without an icon
Automatic create .gma file if it does not exists and then continue to what you need(Publish/Update)
Create a .gma file
Extract a .gma file

Update V1.2
Added a check to see if you have an addon.json file made yet
Changed Uploading an addon to include the addon.json check and a prompt to create one from this program
Changed some small things

Update V1.1
Added option to create a .gma file
Added option to extract a .gma file
Added some error checking to make sure gmad.exe and gmpublish.exe are found before continuing
Changed the way you replay to the information check, Y/N instead of typing yes/no
Found files are green
Missing files are red
If you are missing files it redirects you to and error screen that you can only get out of by closing the program.

The only thing you need to do to make it work is to put your garrysmod directory into the file by right clicking on it and pressing edit. There is a place for it called" RIGHTHERE"
example directory: H:\Users\rypeg\Documents\steamapps\common\GarrysMod

You can download it here

If you find any bugs/errors let me know!