Garry's Mod Addons do not work.

okay, so i had to download gmod again because my other account is locked. so i made an addons,models,materials, particles, and sounds folder. none of the thing for them dont work! addons have no effect, materials and model mod dont work either, sound file are not working, particle mods dont work either. last time on my real account, it worked, but when i use my new account, nothing! also i cant login my old account, which doesnt matter. but if there is a way to fix this, please tell me!

Press F13.
Problem solved.

All trolling aside, on freak bugs like this, I’m not sure the answer’s gonna come easily. So let’s go down the list. Don’t get all “FUCK YOU THAT WONT WORK” on me, kay?
Where are you placing the addons in?

i put the addons, models, etc folder in garrysmod/garrysmod. btw im using windows xp. but i put my mods in the garrysmod/addons but none work. idk why there not working but when you said f13, there isnt a f13. so what are you doing?!