Garry's mod addons - What to create ? - Your requests

I was thinking about something yesterday,
What is highly requested to create on Gmod ?
What new addons would you like ?

You can reply here so developers know what to code in the future :smile: .

Large scale vehicle models.

I’m not talking about generic cars and trucks people.

I mean private jets with a good interior, full size submarines that have a control room, aircraft carriers or battleships that aren’t dupes. I don’t even think we have a basic Boeing 737 type plane that has an interior, outside of the damaged L4D one.

Buidlings would be nice as well. They don’t have to have 10 stories, Just make sure it has a lobby and an office connected by stairs. Not the empty ones like we have now. Think Fallout 3 size buildings with interiors.

There already is an ideas guys thread…

I get the damnedest feeling that Myrage up there is one of the people that assumes that anyone with a shred of lua knowledge can code his dream weapon: A Gold Tiger Forest Hello Kitty Camo’d AK47 with ACOG, Red-dot sights, extended magazines, and cupholders that fires out explosive babies that cause enemies hit to do a jig and explode into sandwiches.

Honestly, people are going to code what they want to code unless they personally take requests. Just because someone else says “I want this” doesn’t guarantee it’ll get made.