Garry's Mod Addons Won`t show up!

Hi, I was playing GMod here a few days ago and in a blink of a eye my internett turned off for some reason. When I turned on my WiFi again the addons that I had download was gone. When i went over to the Workshop on steam all the addons that I had downloaded was there but they would not load up in GMod, so I unsubscribed on them and then subscribed again but they would not come back. Im still trying to install different addons and right after I have installed them they work but when I turned GMod off and then on they was gone from GMod but not from my workshop. I have tryed everything from, Turning my steam to offline modus and then turning it to online modus, reinstalling Gmod, Steam, deleting the addons from the folder, renaming the "Info.txt" to "Addons.txt" and stuff like that but if wont work. Please help!

I`m not going to reinstall all of the addons all the time… A Hell No…

Read Svengunka’s post.

Link me?

Its fixed for me :smiley: