Episode 1

It’s Kind Of Boring But It’s My First Try

Episode 2

Better Than The First One But Still Not Good Enough


Episode 3

This One My Friends Really Liked


Episode 4

This One Got Really Bad Because I Rushed


Episode 5

Still Not Really Good But You Comment


Episode 6

This One Was Fun But Again You Comment And Rate


Episode 7

This One Was Supposed To Be Great But I Really Rushed It :frowning:


Episode 8

One of My Best Videos


Episode 9

The Start Is A Bit Boring But The Fight Scenes Start At 3:00 And 4:45
So Don’t Judge By The Intro



They All Sucked.
Want To Know Why? Because Nobody Wants To See A Bunch Of Pointless & Laggy Videos Made By Some Sonic/Halo Fanboy Who Can’t Even Spell Right.


Everything turned into crap after the first 5 seconds: SONICPOWER101 PRESENT’S GMOD ADVENTURE’S!!!

The beginning reminded me of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, where once you completed a level it said:

You put apostrophes in too many places. Put apostrophe’s in les’s place’s.

Nah, I don’t feel like watching sonic in Gmod poses, mixed in with microsoft sam for master chief. In fact, I don’t like sonic and halo machinima at all! Much less putting them together in G-Mod. Who’s idea was it to port them over anyways?

Okay so… the first one was a lil entertaining actually. I like the halo guy. Everything else was ehh…

entertaining. I thought it was kindaa comical at parts. Due to the halo guys voice. Buttttt not enough to where I watched any others. :]

It is okay, i liked it to certain level. but really just try being creative… plz?!