Garry's Mod AI programming

Hey peeps,

I’m not much of a coder but I can dabble around. The one challenge that has often discouraged me from finishing any of those little mini-gamemodes I work on for fun oftentimes is my lack of ability to code any functional AI NPCs whatsoever. There’s also very little to no documentation around that I can find. Sure, I can spawn a zombie and it’ll act as it does by default (aka follow player around a little bit, flail when it gets close, but that’s pretty much it).

Is there a gamemode out there or any public code/documentation that helps with that aspect or is Garry’s Mod just not ready for NPCs with some AI in its gamemodes?

SNPCs work fine. Garry fucked something up but there’s a fix floating around.

All I can offer is the NPC wiki, which you can find the link below,

I guess that you can fiddle around or download SNPCs from to check their scripts.