Garry's Mod : Airsoft

So hello everyone!

I am proud to announce my first gamemod, as well as my first step in Lua.
I won’t type a too long text, they are pretty useless as everyone want a TL;DR, but i’ll tell you in short what the mod is.

So as the title say, this gamemode is Airsoft related, which mean you have to use gravity, wind and wall at your advantage. But be warry, if they see you first and know where to shoot, you are pretty much done! As one hit and you’re Out! (Though you respawn)

Here a list of some feature:
-19 Uniques Weapons, which all have their spread, a small recoil, and function such as laser, zoom and other!
-2 Team, Rebel And Combine, so you fight in Team Deathmatch, also there’s no Friendly Fire, otherwise it would be dumb.
-Unique gameplay
-Neat menu
-Weather Mod, thanks to killcoders!
-And much more! You will need to discover it by playing it!

Future Feature:
-Weapon upgrade
-Pistol selection menu
-And other!
-Also, player suggestion!

At the moment, the mod is still in the making, we don’t have any official map (We are looking for Mappers that would be interessed to work for the mod!)
There’s still some bug, and some we don’t know, those we would like you to direct them to us!
The mod is in Open Beta ATM we have a server online and ready to host 10 players.

The Actual GMA team is made of:
Lua coders:
[RT] Bacon
Web Designer:

Now time for some media! (Please note that those were taken during all the closed beta, many aren’t up to date) Link bellow:

Now, for more info we have our website open at:
Note that the forum isn’t done yet, our web designer is working on it.
And the steam group:

Official Server #1:
If you are interessed to test it! So you can build a more constructive review!
-Vote(Kick, ban)

Post all your comment and what you would like to be added in the mod!
Or if you would be interessed in joining the GMA team!(We’re specialy looking for mappers!)

Sounds neat! So very neatly neat that I might test this neat gamemode of neatness.

I’ll make a basic map in my spare time. Y’know, just some buildings and walls that you can duck and hide in.

Alright !

It looks nice for a first gamemode, but the problem is it lacks a truly creative element (berth and depth). So I get a couple of different weapons and some weather. Why should I play this over CS:S, GMDM, TF2, or a plethora of other decent first person shooters?

On a side note, nice-looking website, but whoever decided to use Comic Sans for the title should be shot.

I’ll ask the DumbAss to change the title, also, what do you mean by truly creative elements? So i can look into some more thing to add

Hmm… sounds good.

I’ll jump in, since I find it hard to get a real airsoft game around here.
I’ll edit with some C&C

Its really fun actually, You actually want to pop in and out of hiding to fire off some pellets, it seems so realistic.

Some of the SWEPS don’t really fire as well as they should, but with 5 people it was pretty fun.
can’t wait to see how this turns out :smiley:

Mind telling me which sweps weren’t fire how they should ? ^^;

I totally forgot x.x

Next time I get in I will do some Weapon testing, Sorry ._.


Awesome I love to have airsoft wars, parts of the fun is the guns inaccuracy and spring, electric, and gas guns.

Where is the server located?

Wait, so, you’re simulating a simulation?


That’s like… emulating an emulator.

New York

Sorta, but there’s nothing wrong with it.