Garry's Mod : Airsoft

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Currently in a coding break.

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Welcome to my thread about my first gamemode, version 3!
This gamemode is completely built over all the help I got and all my learning over time.
Thanks a bunch to everyone who helped me. And a big thanks for the guys at fpsbanana for the weapons models & player models.

What is this?
GMod Airsoft is a simulation of a simulation inside a sandbox game.
It has been made parts by parts over time. Including many choice of weapons and all.

Why is this here?
On facepunch? Well I’m posting this thread in hope to get feedback of my progress so far, and to see if there’s an interest. This is the second Version of my gamemode, but this time, way more complex. Why was it made? Well simple, I love airsoft, and I wanted to make somekind of game of it! Some may be interested by it aswell!

What about some dates and times?
Release date: Previous versions has been released on
->This version will be released when it’s done and tested entirely.
When did this begin?: October 2009.
When will this be tested?: When it’s done and ready to play.

Now, what if we ask you some of the features?
-Simplistic, yet stylish hud with a radar.
-Match & Rounds
-Some killstreaks, giving you small bonus, like a Mortar shot or a simple cracker grenade.
-Many differents weapons, ranging from SMG to Machine Guns.
-Custom made Derma menu (Still in work, I still have the old one here.)
-Custom maps (We have 3 ATM, 2 are still WIP)
-Simplistic, yet good looking Scoreboard.
-SteamID related “Special” items system added for servers owners. (Allow you to give a certain player additionnal equipment)
-Work with GibMod! Incredibly gore. Not included.
-Wind mod inside. (Thanks to Entoros for the base!)
-Weathermod inside. (Thanks alots Catdaemon for the script)
-There’s way more to discover! I won’t go and tell you guys everything inside!

And now what about some pictures?
Here’s a slideshow, showing 13 pictures of the gamemode.

Also before I forget : The current team
Lead dev: WolvesSoulZ
Mappers: WolvesSoulZ & Istouch
Graphics Design: Istouch & WolvesSoulZ

Here’s a thing I’d request help, I tried it… I’ll try it again once I get on the comp with the XSI tool

Now what about you give some feedbacks, and all of what I have now?
I don’t know if it’s too early to post this kind of topic, but I’m happy about what I have in this gamemode, at the point I want to let people know where I am with it atm.
Leave me your feedback, comments, is my idea good? Whatever you want to say!
Critic my gamemode fellow facepunchers!

And as a last point:
I want to thanks everyone who take a moment of their life to read this thread. Thanks alots.

Also, here’s a TO DO List!
-Remake all the Derma menus (60% Done)
-Fix the radar (Done!)
-Get the World models of the weapons rigged on the hl2 bones (Need help on that!)
-Finish some of the maps (Gma_oldfactory done!)
-Some other unlisted things. (Wind system added! Weathermod timers fixed!)
-Get a server
-Make the content pack (Done!-Well the base of it!)
-Work on the CTF gametype

Edit: As much as I hate necroing, don’t bump this, I don’t have the patience nor the time to work on this anymore.

i always found gamemodes like this a bit redundant. It’s deathmatch rehashed; Sorry D:

I know, but hey, it’s a good project about something I like hehe. It show all the progress I made since the beginning of my Lua learning and mapping. It’s the only thing I never gave up in the making. I’m proud of it, even if I know that there’s bajillion of deathmatch gamemode.

very true! At least you’re doing something productive.

Work on your mapping, looks a bit bland, and undetailed.

Which map? 'cause on those map there’s :
-The warehouse *Made by istouch - He wants me to finish it, but he never sent me the Vmf.
-The arena looking field *By myself - This one look pretty much ok IMO.
-The building like one with the servers *WIP by me. Far from being done. But I has to optimize it.

Tho those map, are just like the gamemode : I just started mapping truely for like 20hrs.

Hehe indeed ^^

The picture with the servers, and the offices. If you need help with mapping, while I’m no expert, I gladly would.

Well I wouldn’t mind some help on this map, as I clearly ran out of idea for this one x3
If ya want the VMF file I can send it to you via PM.
(There’s even an empty stage on this map)


W00T! CS:S for kids!

Why would we play with airsoft guns in an enviorment we can shoot each other with REAL guns? We play airsoft so we don’t go to jail and get assraped in the shower for using real guns and killign folks. . .

When I am done with my RP map, I could maybe help out with some mapping. I have been practicing for about a year now and I am in progress of an RP map.

Here is a link so you can decide if I am any good:

What a nice and stupid comment. Differents to have to use curves, env and spray curve then just the usual Hitscan. If you don’t like it? Why do you post? Huh?

Alrighty ^^

Just PM me when you need help. I will also tell you when I am done with my map.

Isn’t this redundant? GMod isn’t real life, so why not download a gun pack and kill things? It isn’t like you’re going to get arrested.
On topic, nice mapping. Seems like a good idea, a simple deathmatch gamemode.

I like airsoft, i play it every 2 weeks, i think you need to make a forest map and cut out the zombies, its really stupid looking…

But over than that the UI looks good, the gun models don’t look half bad and i can see myself playing this in the future…

The zombies are for testing purpose, I has a bind just to spawn them for testing.
The Gma_field, is kinda a forest, but I’m still working on a bigass forest map, I have to model and all to make it, I just need to give myself the inspiration to make it.

The guns model are pretty neat, I just need to fix their World models and they’ll be 100% done. As for balance, the guns will be balanced more then they are in the test session when I’ll be doing it.

Beside that, I play airsoft at each 1-2 weeks too hehe.

Thanks on the mapping part.

Tho as why It’s different then just shooting things with either explosives or hitscan rifle?
Well, you really need to use the env for this gamemode, use the bullet curve and spray at your advantage, know that you can’t hit someone at huge distances, unless you knows the curves of the BB’s perfectly with a semi-auto sniper.

Here’s a lil shot of what I’m currently working on :
Pretty basic atm, but the new weapons menu should be sorta like that.
Your though?

Edit once again:
Hey! Still about the new weapon menu!
Is it starting to look good? Your though?

Err, if you want to use curves and bullet spray and that stuff, why don’t you use tetabonita’s phys-bullets?

I play airsoft too, but it being in GMod just seems stupid. Why play it in a video game when you can go out and do it?

And, I posted to let you know what I thought, if there’s a problem with people voicing their opinions, why did you make the thread in the first place?

Your comment was more of hate then a constructive critic. At least I’m doing something productive with it.

Like… Why play dodgeball in a game, when you can go outside and do it?
Why play tag when you can go out and play too?
Why play a game?

Well, let’s look at a majority of games

Space-y airplane fighter / spacefighter tye stuff.

Unless you’re an AirForce pilot, a Miltary personel, a Nascar faggot or a stupid street racer, or Indiana Jones, I don’t think that I can go out and do those since I’m none of the above.

It wasn’t meant in “hate”, trust me, If I hate you, I’ll make sure you know. Right now you’re neutral if you care.

I congratulate you for being constructive with the gamemode, since about half the threads in this section nowdays are people wanting to be “Creative Directors” and take credit for other people’s hard work.

Your crotch gun issue can be fix’d with lua, I don’t know the exact technique but from my knowledge you can position the world model in the player’s hands with a bit of vector magic.

Your weapon menu looks scarily similar to the class menu on my “Project”

Not disclosing any info.[/IMG]

Ah now that’s something good to hear. Tho, about the menu, indeed they look strangely similar, but It’s just coincidence, I had my menu idea out of nowhere hehe. Still working on it, atm it’s still just the layout that’s made.

And really? The crotch gun thingies can be fixed with Lua? o.o That would get alots of work outta my way, I tried to rig them on the hl2 bones with XSI, but I failed.
Tho, I wonder if anyone knows that vector way. It would really help.

But as for my choice for the type of guns I use… Well… Really I just didn’t want to do another deathmatch that use bullets, there’s a bajilions of them. And well, being “airsoft” is the only thing that keep me from giving up this project.