Garry's Mod All Black Textures

After two days of messing with this I have decided to come here to get some tips. I recently installed Linux Mint in place of Windows 8, and installed Steam. I then installed Garry’s Mod, and attempted to launch it. I get in game, and every single texture is black. I have installed CS:S and I’m really not sure what the problem is. I have re-installed Garry’s Mod several times, and have ran Verify Integrity of Game Cache ~4 times. Each time I Verify the game cache, it proceeds to tell me ~2230 game files have failed to verify and will be re downloaded. You would think after re installing and verifying as much as I have that it would actually have a good install, does anyone have any ideas? I also tried setting my dxlevel to 81 with no avail.

Post your specs.

Is that an integrated graphics card?


Does CS:S work? Do you have better video card installed? Do you have any antiviruses of sorts that might remove those files? Are you sure Steam has write access to write those files onto your HDD?

No, no, no, and yes. I’m going to try re installing Steam. As CS:S is doing the same thing now…

If CS:S does the same thing, then this doesn’t belong here. It is a problem with your PC, not with the game. Probably due to your video card being totally crappy.

Alright. It worked on Windows so oh well. Ill just re install windows. Thanks for the help…