Garry's Mod Ammo.

I’ve run out of ideas as to how to fix this. I’ve spent numerous hours on Google and asking other players in an attempt to solve this.

Recently, I started playing Garry’s Mod again after maybe about a week of not playing. I haven’t changed any addons (haven’t removed, altered or added any) and I come back to find that…

Every single weapon (MAINLY FA:S 2.0 and CW 2.0 base weapons but also some select few others) with an ammo type of 9x19mm, 9x17mm and SOMETIMES 7x62mm all just do not work properly.
The weapons themselves work… but after spawning one and using all of the ammo in the first clip, I can’t spawn any more. I can’t right-click and spawn the guns under me to get more ammo… I can’t get ammo from the entities section… and I can’t reload the weapons AT ALL. It’s hard to describe it, but it’s as if the ammo itself is just… broken.

Thinking that some addons might have updated to cause it, I started removing addons. LOADS of addons. Surely enough… I end up removing all addons supported by the CW 2.0 and FA:S 2.0 base OTHER THAN the base weapons themselves. I even re-installed the base packs.

After all that…?

Still. Same. Results. :confused:

There’s probably something RIGHT THERE that I’m just not seeing and am too dumb to notice, but I’d really like to get this solved so I can actually use the addons properly again.

Well. Try to disable the addons.
To disable ALL addons go to the GMod front screen. Click “Addons” Then click “My Addons” Then “Disable All” See if your weps work then

If you are using MagSystem, that is why.