Garry's Mod and Arma 3 Server requirements

Not sure if this this is the rightplace for this help but I simply want to known if these parts will be able to Handel 1 Gmod server (32 slot ) and 1 Arma III server (42 slot slots)

i5 4670K (4 cores 4 threads over clockable)
16Gb corsair vengeance RAM 1600 (over clockable)
MSI z87 GD-65 motherboard

100 meg fiber up and down connection.

I have have a TS server but I don’t think that needs allot. Was thinking would it be possible to make the arma server use 3 cores and Gmod 1 core ? Will this be enough for the 2 servers ?

Go to the arma forum if you would like arma server requirements.

tbh they probably have them on their website if you wanna look.