Garrys Mod and Malwarebytes

Every time I start up Garrys Mod and am looking at the server lists, Malwarebytes starts popping up with alerts saying malicious website found. Its only started doing this since I tried there free trial of the paid version. Should I uninstall it and go back to the free version or get rid of it completely? Thank you.

Report it to where ever Malwarebytes accepts false positive requests.

It doesn’t give me option to report anything all it say is the Ip address and whether is outbound or inbound and whether or not I want to exclude it. Sorry I’m really new to PC.

The only thing it does to me is say it blocked hl2.exe from accessing the internet but it doesn’t do anything so I kinda just ignore it. I’m using the pro version. Are you on that new fancy version of Malwarebytes or the older one?