Garry's Mod and steam freezes when I use my mic.

I know that when you first use your mic on gmod or any source game for that matter it will freeze for a couple seconds and then should be fine. My game will stop responding, as well as steam and all it’s windows for over a minute. After the minute I will be able to use my mic for maybe 5 minutes before the issue happens again.

Is there some type or log or anything I can do to provide more information? I’ve tried to reinstall garry’s mod already.

this sounds completely absurdly weird. That’s one hell of a bad hiccup :v:

Maybe it could be your sound drivers? what motherboard/soundcard are you using? I’m sure you could reinstall them by going to the manufacturers website or uninstalling / rebooting and reinstalling through device manager.

Oh nevermind, that worked, thanks so much!