Garry's Mod apparently broke itself..

I’m having a strange problem…

Last night, everything I’ve added to Garry’s Mod worked just fine.
Today, without changing anything, when I try to spawn a number of NPCs, such as the T-rex v1.1, or the Portal turret, it just appears as 3D red letters spelling out ‘error’. In the T-rex’s case, I also get blue text talking about the int.lua “attempt to call method ‘getstate’ (a nil value)”
Deleting and re-installing the add-ons do not help, either. What happened?

Re-install the addons, problem solved.

I’m not sure if you noticed the last line of the post…

"Deleting and re-installing the add-ons do not help, either. "

Woops, sorry it’s early in the morning, is it a legit GMod copy?

Yep, bought over Steam.

Pics or it didn’t happen

Link to Steam page then please or you get no help.

This one, you mean?

Just re-install GMod.

Do a clean install.

Find the garrysmod/garrysmod folder (in which the addon etc. Folders are). Change the name of the folder. Start gmod. Exit gmod. A new folder will have appeared. Move any addons/maps that you want to save to the new one. Dupes, e2’s and that sort of stuff is in a folder called data.

Wait a bit with deleting the old gmod folder just in case you missed something.

Well, that semi-worked. The npcs now appear, and with the SLVbase installed, they kind of just stand there while I still get a string of Lua errors. (after a clean install)

What is this SVLbase that you speak of?
Check the comments to the download, see if anyone reports the same issues/a fix. If more people report error spam then its probably bad coding and can only be fixed by whoever wrote it.
Its also possible that something is incorrectly installed. Double-check the installation instructions for each addon. Not all of them are a matter of copy-pasting to addons.

SLVbase is Silverlan’s Base, which is needed to run the T-rex addon.

Perriwen, I’ve had a similar problem with the T-rex, it got messed up, if I remember correctly, when I installed DansNPC pack (I THINK, it might have been one of the other packs, like Moarcombine). If you end up doing a reinstall, don’t put all your addons in at once. Do a couple (start w/ t-rex and whetever else got broken) and then test it, then drop out and add a couple more, then test again. Find out which addon is conflicting with what you want.

Also, just deleting Addons doesn’t work. They create models, materials, scripts, spawnmenus, anything else the programmer tells it to. Just because you delete an addon, doesn’t mean you’ve cleared up the conflicting code (and in my experience, deleting an addon without doing a little house cleaning (deleting spawnmenus especially) and a quick reinstall just breaks Gmod). Hope things get back up and running for ya!

Well, I tried the DansNPC and that didn’t fix it, plus I’ve only installed the add-ons mentioned above.

After doing a clean install and all that, where could I maybe find that conflicting code? It seems to be that init.lua file in the monster_base folder.