Garry's Mod Application Error

I am trying to start Garry’s Mod 10 and I keep getting this stupid error. I completely reinstalled Gmod and I deleted all the downloaded files (maps, addons) and I keep getting this error! Can anyone help me?

The Source 2007 engine was recently updated and has caused a compatibility issue with one of Garry’s Mod’s initialization LUAs.

A workaround will have to be developed, either by Garry himself or the Facepunch members. Either that or VALVe can speak up about what may have happened, since it’s their engine we’re talking about here.

so basically all I can do is wait for an update?

Sorry about making this thread. Didn’t notice there were others.
I googled the error and found no matches and assumed it was just me.

With any luck, the other thread will be closed due to mass hysteria and this one can have the actual facts available right from the start.

I’d consider this thread, while a duplicate, a godsend.

( INSTABANNED Used the word **closed due to** )

Good luck surviving without Garry’s mod. I’m in the same boat, with a sudden
HL2.exe error message. Can’t even run Garry’s mod. If we all keep spending our time posting though, the guys at Garry’s mod will send out an update to fix this mess. Do they even have a screening process anyway? The way things are going, you would think they had dysfunctional infants with 1970’s screening equipment checking these updates. Come on Garry! Fix this mess!

yup, seems like ive been hit by it aswell, just watsed 5 gigs of my download limit doing a complete reinstall… /cry

I get this same message I deleted all my addons and restarted Gary’s Mod but i had no luck

Having the same issue.

Stop awaking old threads.

better then creating a new thread mate…

Exactly, why create the same thread over and over again, if more and more people are having the same problem? Do you want one thread to keep reapearing or hundreds of threads about the same issue?

Because sometimes it’s not the same cause. You people are retarded. Go play Gmod.

I got it too. It was fixed itself like an hour later it worked.