Garry's Mod as tactical training simulator!

That’s it. Here I leave some gameplay clips I made…

  • Drill w/ H&K USP Compact:
  • Discrimination exercise with H&K MP5SD-5 Aimpoint:
  • Familiarization drill with H&K MP5A5 Surefire and Sig Sauer P-226 LAM:
  • A little more advanced drill with movement and different shooting techniques implied; H&K MP5-K and Sig Sauer P-226 no LAM:
  • And finally, some close quarters entries with H&K MP5SD-5 no Aimpoint and Sig Sauer P-226 LAM:

As you can see that was pretty realistic.
I hope that you liked ;D

If that’s what you call “pretty realistic”, you seriously need to get your eyes checked. My eyesight’s not great, but I don’t have constant blur around the edge of my vision.

The content is alright, but you’d do well to get some less ugly maps with actual lighting so it looks better. Fullbright is no fun for anyone.

Those gun sounds are awful in my opinion. Not sure why the reload animation is silly too

probably because these are CSS skins

Can you remake the video of the airsoft kid getting shot in the back.

is there any significant reason you start these vids looking down?