Garry's Mod background picture pose, toolgun awesomeness.

This was originally made for the Garry’s Mod Background picture challenge,
as it’s over I felt like posting this as a thread to get response from you guys what you think of it.[/media]

I would have preferred to have this one win.

You posted this picture once already I think…

It was closed for the reason “Undescriptive Thread Title”, so I remade it. As it lasted for about 10 minutes.

I prefer this one over the current one.

Here’s how it was when I started out. Continued to build on it until I reached the final result.[/media]

I could make a walkthrough where I explain how I made it, if anybody would like that?

You should’ve kept the bright background colors, imo. It looks much better.

I love the garrysmod background picture that is currently on gmod. (after update)

Ah yeah, this ones pretty sweet, would set it as my GMod background if I knew how :v:.