Garry's Mod Backup Lua Wiki - When the official is slow/down

**Update: Fixed the mirror and uploaded newer version.
The GMod wiki isn’t always online or can be slow, and that causes a lot of hassle for us Lua Coders. :psyduck:
Many of us don’t know all arguments and/or functions, and are unable to write scripts without the wiki.

So after the downtimes we had a few weeks ago, I decided to make a complete copy of the GMod Lua Wiki.

A few people also have a backup of the GMod Lua Wiki, but for the people that do not I’ve put my own copy online right here (ZIP).
As far as I know the whole Lua section has been copied right, other parts of the wiki will function (partitially) too.

For those of you who want to make their own backups for offline usage, I used a program called HTTrack Website Copier.

I’ll attempt to keep the copies atleast a bit up-to-date, eventually you can bug me about it via PMs. :chef:

I hope you guys appreciate this. :biggrin:


I’m sure we will be using this a lot, thank you.


Thank you.

The wiki is always a bit slow for me. Your backup actually loads faster.

Is there no way to copy the site live? I’ve seen it done with another site before. (Not with the wiki though)

i had this eerie feeling when looking at that…

Someone has a copy of this for working offline with it?
(I am often at train and the connection is unstable, and i would like to have it on my local apache)

It is saved in its already rendered form, the original wiki has to run some php.

This is useful!


Thanks for the positive replies.

My webhost doesn’t guarantee 100% uptime, so ofcourse even my own website may be down sometimes.
This is something I can’t control. I just hope that this will ever be useful for anyone.

maurits, how are you doing this? I’d like to keep a copy like this for myself.

Search website mirror on google. I know what the program is but the name escapes me…

I asked for this not so long ago, don’t know how outdated this one is but it should be good enough.
This is a gmod wiki copy so you can go on it offline.

I really need help with lua, would this be the right place? I’ve done 4 pages of the lua tutorial series (Going left to right.) And I get stuck at tables. It comes up with all these functions/hooks (or is it variables) that I don’t even know.

I’ll update the OP with more information so you can keep your own offline backups too.

I’m currently creating an offline copy of the whole wiki and when it’s finished I can make a zip of it and upload it somewhere, so you don’t have to go through the process of downloading every page and image yourself.

Oh I was just doing the same thing and I’m uploading it already… But having 2 locations to download the wiki is always good.

How big is yours? I think mine is going to be over 1 GB.

Oh my lord :wink:

Instead of copying the whole site like that, you could just setup your own MediaWiki and use with and then Special:Import the .xml on your own Wiki.