garrys mod beta irc chat?

In the irc chat, I’ve been idle’ing like garry said, but I never got a key… does he pm the keys, or does he just randomly paste it in the chat? I’ve been in the irc since 7PM last night. I’ve been waiting really patiently for a key… I also think that the gmod beta should be available for everyone, like how they did with tf2 beta, and css beta

Probably should go into the GMod 13 BETA section. Anyways, Garry doesn’t make the GMod BETA public as he wants people who actually use GMod to test it. Mainly coders to fix up their stuff for its release and to give him some requests for neat stuff. I got a BETA key back sometime in November in the IRC chat, I was only there for about an hour or so chatting with the people. I didn’t expect just to “idle and get a key” like some people may think (or if Garry actually worded it that way), I actually chatted with people which you probably should do too.

Ok. Sorry for posting in the wrong section. I didn’t find the gmod beta section right away >.< won’t happen again lol

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It’s like, once it said, “talk or be kicked” or something like that