Garry's Mod Beta Key Checker for Android

This is an app that I’ve made to get the number of GMod beta keys currently available.

You can check with the app directly, or have it post a notification if there are keys.

It’s here on the market if you’d like to try it.

Feedback is always appreciated, thanks.

i find this hilarious

Quite hilarious, love it.

Or, you could follow Garry on Twitter and read his [sp]not so[/sp] hilarious tweets waiting for him to announce that he has released some keys.

Or you could not need this anymore because like 20000 keys were given away…

probably more than that. However, I’m just gonna say, unless your willing to make more accounts to get more keys, AND buy GMod on all of them. This app wouldnt be useful if you have already a key. One key per steam account who has gmod. To addition to that, 50+ hours on gmod. (I believe)