Garry's Mod Big Bug

So, My GMOD is bugged, I was playing on Singleplayer and Everything was fine but when I played Multiplayer on any server I am in the ground, I can move and the only ways to get out are to Crouch or Noclip.


I’ve tried to Defrag Cache and it didn’t work either.

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I get a similar bug like that when going from a single player game to a multiplayer in a single session. Does it happen even if the first thing you do when launching the game is go on a multiplayer server?

Yes but I restarted Steam and I will see now if it happens.
EDIT: Same >:O
EDIT2: Players are even invisible! 2x >:O

When you say you tried Defrag Cache, did you mean you Defreagged your Game or Verified Cache?

I meant Defrag Game.
But i did Verified Cache too.

Is it only on DarkRp servers like that? Or is it all multiplayer servers?

All D:

Hope Garry will make an Update to fix it, or someone will tell me how to fix it.

EDIT: I Think I will Reinstall GMod Tomorrow. I Just got it on DVD Disc few month ago so I will only Install it and Update lol.


That might explain it all. DVD gmod. Who’d you get it from?

Backup on Steam. Easiest way to get GMOD on DVD Disc :smiley:

Oh ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

FIXED: Deleted “Player Resizer” Addon and now it work well :slight_smile:

Now someone can close that thread. :fuckyou: