Garrys mod Bind help.

Hi, one of my old friends showed me how to bind my “w” button to walk forward as well as dancing using act muscle, which I unbinded everything using use default binds.
How do I do this again?

Don’t be an asshole, that is practically cheating and was why it is blocked in TTT.

use bind (keyname) “commandname”

for example

bind w "unbindall"

This can also be used for gamemodes such as rp

bind j "say /drop"

this will make you chat /drop, which makes you drop whatever you have in rp.

Please be considerate and use this wisely. Nobody wants to see you spamming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) everywhere.

Nothing is more annoying than people doing stupid acts 24/7. It does you no good and only annoys players.

Since everyone seems to want you not to do this, allow me to help you

bind w "+forward;act dance""

Dancing seems to have changed in the newest update though (or maybe I’m just plain out wrong), so I dunno.

Can facepunch please at a “Dishrag” rating. I find it useful right now.

Act commands have been blocked in TTT for a while now.

With a good reason too!

Out of curiosity, what is the good reason? Is the act command dangerous?

Its as annoying as crap.

It fucks up the hit boxes

Its as annoying as crap and it fucks up the hit boxes!