Garrys mod Blue screen of death (2015)

[SOLVED] Reinstaled nvidia(just instaled nvidia driver again and chceck option "clean install"

Yesterday 15.7.2015 i played without any problem (1-2 hours)
I played local server with my 2 brothers (16.7.2015) and i hosted . fine . My brother hosted and when i played some time i get crash of blue screen in text was this : NVKFLT.EXE. This is happening only for me, my brother have same notebook, same driver of nvidia, same version of gmod and same addons(or more). Any idea for help? My notebook is not overheating, i play Euro truck simulator 2, Far cry 4, Witcher 3, Assasins creed 4 Black Flag
with no problem.

Here is file from minidump:

Mods used: Carter addon pack , mk9 weapons …

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel® Core™ i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz Boost 3.00 GHz
Nvidia GT555M / Intel HD 3000
Gmod version : newest

Update your graphics card drivers.

I have new version of nvidia and intel graphic driver,do i need to upgrade sound driver too?

try going into safemode, removing your nvidia driver entirely and redownloading then reinstalling it, make 100% sure you have the correct nvidia driver (for your OS, architecture and exact GPU)

the blue screen was caused by your display driver:

I downloaded nvidia graphic driver 353.30 and press full installation , restarted pc and then install,again restart and now im going to try :wink:

as i said, it looks it work, i played 1 hour with raged and it looks fine. But i will try it next time and if it not crash i’ll mark this as SOLVED