Garry's Mod blue screen of death

In the middle of garrysmod i suddenly get the blue screen of death that says something like “memmory dump” or something like that then it restarts the computer.
(ive updated drivers and nothing changed, is it due to RAM?)
Edit- Its my friends laptop

Probably a RAM issue.
Run Memtest for like 5-8 passes overnight.
And post the minidump.

Try And Switching Your Ram Sticks Around Or Run CCleaner…


I’m sure that won’t work…or can it?

From my experience, I know that GMod likes RAM alot. Do you know how much your RAM is? You might need to increase the amount of memory the computer borrows from the HDD.

Anyways, as Warblood said, CCleaner is a good choice. It cleans your Registry and temporary files which is really healthy for the machine. But do not switch around the RAM sticks. That could do some mayor damage to the sticks overall. If you do that and don’t know how you should handle a RAM stick, they could take as much damage so you won’t even be able to use them. So don’t do that.

But please post your system specs and if you can, when you get that bluescreen, write down the “000x0001x00, etc” that shows up and tell me it and I’ll do my best of reviewing the issue.

Regards, Sven.

I tried it on my friends laptop (because im going to get my own pc for my birthday because i got the most shit computer in the world and yes worse than my friends) and he has a 1.6ghz, 1gb RAM thats prob why) ,intel atom 945 chipset (can play it without loads of lag but not with loads of stuff)

It is probably that. I have some troubles with my comp and GMod, and I have 8GB’s of RAM, Quad-Core and all that :stuck_out_tongue: