Garry's Mod Bogs Down When Joining Multiplayer

For no apparent reason, Garry’s Mod started really lagging in multiplayer. I don’t think I changed any settings from the last time it worked, and I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and nothing happened. Singleplayer works just fine. I have tried removing all mods.

Here is a video:

Keep in mind that this happens with any server I join.

High ping or low fps?

Low FPS, but that may be due to the tickrate of the client as well as im just seeing so… It may be a problem with something you’ve got installed in your pc maybe…?

I managed to fix it, but not sure which method worked. I uninstalled it, completely deleted all remaining files, and turned off steam cloud sync (so no settings would be restored when its reinstalled). Then reinstalled. Now I’m afraid to turn back on cloud sync. Would it pick up my new settings or try to reinstate the old ones?

Just make a backup of all the folder CFG before enabling the steam Cloud sync and then after enabling it if it keeps lagging try replacing it with the backed up one.