Garry's mod bug


i bought Gmod but when im in the world my gun is one big bug thing, i’ll show u on the picture

i really wanna play Gmod.
sorry for my bad english (i’m dutch)


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Have you tried to verify the game’s cache?

your settings look really low, maybe try increasing them?

can u send me a pic o the best settings?

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To verify the game cache, click on the game in your Steam Library, right click the game’s name and click the ‘Properties’ in the dropdown list, and a window should pop up. Click on the ‘LOCAL FILES’ tab, then click ‘Verify Integrity Of Game Cache’

Another window should popup and it will start verifying the files. This process usually fixes and broken files, and will download any missing ones. You should be aware that when this verifying window is open, you cannot chat to friends or do anything else with steam till it is done. Once it’s done you should be able to play and continue

What VGA do you have? Does it support DirectX 9.0c?

I’ve experienced this problem before. Your graphics card is fucked bro. Sorry to say.