Garry's Mod Capitalist


Garry’s Mod Capitalist is Addon/Mini-Gamemode for Garry’s Mod. GMC is based on two different games, that I use to play, which were Cookie Clicker, and Adventure Capitalist. This addon works by you buying and upgrading your so called “business”, the more profit you make the more you can upgrade and buy different types of businesses. Hopefully, when it is finished, or getting close to being finished, then there should be a variety of different uses, for all different types of game-modes, and addons. Some of the uses, that GMC can provide are, a mini game for when people are waiting for something(eg. The gamemode is TerrorTown, and the player is dead, so they go and check the GMC to see what they can upgrade and more), or it can be used as a number or currency or a way of getting a special item from the point-shop(eg. when they earn a certain amount of GMCash they would unlock an item from the point-shop, or if they earn a certain amount of GMCash it can be converted into DarkRP Cash or Points.). Right now GMC is currently being developed by my self, and there is no set date on when it will be finished, or released. The Main reason on why I made this post, is to receive feed back on what I should add, and do.


More Screenshots will be uploaded, when the addon gets more completed

The Random two grey buttons at the top are for testing purposes only.


Q"Will it be free when its finnished?"

A"Currently, I don’t have a 100% confirmed answer, but I’m more on the side of it being released for free."

I will greatly appreciate feedback, on anything good, or bad thing anything about my Addon.

I love the general look of the UI however those 2 buttons at the top stick out like a sore thumb. Apart from that though, it looks excellent.

“second’s” NEVER use apastrophes for plural words.

Totally interested in this.

Heres an Update on what I am currently working on, and adding to the addon,

-Adding more business’s around 10 or so
-Currently Working on the achievements(which is probably gonna take a while due to the amount of achievements,)
-fixed some bugs/issues

**What I have Planed next:
-Add, work on shop

What the achievement tab looks like so far(its only beta version, the design will change):
with my knowledge of procedural generation, its going quite good so far.

Any idea on a release date for this?

Right now, since its going pretty smooth, Id say in a week or two depending on if I get free time to work on it. It could possibly be sooner, or later. But if it is released in a week, it probably wont be the fully finnished copy.

I also have some more Updates on what I added to it.

What I added, and currently working on.
-Added 3 more business’s (Market, Gas Station, Refinery.)
-Added/Working on about 80 Achievement’s.

I’m looking forward to this!

Im trying my best to get it released as soon as possible, but I also don’t want any errors, with it, so Ive been having trouble with it lately, due the the achievements tab.

Looks really cool, would like to put it on my server!

Any updates on this? It’s been a while and I’m looking forward to it.