Garry's Mod CFG Creator


It’s required to post the source with binary programs

I’ll add it below the DL

Amazing Work!

It’s a good start but I would expect something a little different…

Instead of a barrage of input boxes it would be more practical to have a bunch of listboxes/textinputs down a column in case one wanted to change a specific setting through the GUI.

I would also expect to see more cvars, for example, wiremod as that’s very common.

Not to mention more performance cvars like:
^there are more than that

Good work so far!

I just noticed you don’t allow users to specify rates you just fill them in with default values, while I’m perfectly aware the user can just turn around and edit the server.cfg file that defeats the purpose of the GUI editor.
Also, what if someone does not use banned_ip.cfg and banned_user.cfg?

You could specify an output directory to write the generated cfg file to, if the output directory already had a server.cfg file there you could prompt the user to load the current one into the program for editing.