Garry's Mod Chat Box Automated Message

I have a Garrys Mod server and i want to make a automated message appear in the chat box saying something like “Check out our website!” every five minutes or so, i have seen this on other servers but cannot figure out how to do this, if someone out there knows could you please share? Also please tell me where to put the script.

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If you use ULX, there is a very easy-to-use in-built feature to put both messages periodically in chat and on the top 3rd of the player’s screen.

Most admin mods have this function built in but in the rare instance that it doesn’t, you could use this:

if CLIENT then
	timer.Create("cl_advrt_1", 300, 0, function()
		chat.AddText(Color(255,0,0),"[Server]",Color(255,255,255),"Text you want in chat") -- Change this line to what you like

This runs every 5 minutes in chat, just change the msg to what you want