Garry's Mod Christmas Special Video

My video I made using Garry’s Mod and wmm lol sorry i suck at making videos :smiley:
but enjoy!

it was…

I cant say anything without getting perma’d


This honestly had nothing to do with Christmas

Ragdolls with thrusters, “here’s a pose to go with a sound clip” and random deaths don’t make a good video.


I know a video is going to be shit when I hear some unfunny family guy sound extract.



It wasn’t that bad…wait this is your first video right?

Completely out of place use of Dear Sister SWEP at start and end, most humor is ragdolls being filmed by a jerky camera tool with sound clips, the rest is you running about shooting stuff.


WoW so much posts

I knew what the whole video was going to be about after 15 seconds.

Okay, we get it. You like The Lonely Island.

His fps with Fraps is pretty nice. is there a secret to that? Anyone?