Garry's Mod : Chronic Crashes

My copy of Garry’s Mod isn’t working properly. For starters, I have to run it with -nop4. If I don’t, it won’t run at all. This, however, is not my main problem - my reason for creating this thread.

Tools Mode doesn’t seem to work anymore. There may be a new version of Garry’s Mod in the work, but I hope it fixes, or replaces that. Again, though, that is not the problem.

I am working on New Super Mario Bros. PC, or I was, until this problem, the main problem, arrived. Whenever I try to start a game, The game crashes right at this scre… damn, it crashed differently in full screen, showing a screen view from history. Let me try again… :suicide: Oh, okay… Here:

and this is only if it doesn’t crash on the black screen before the bar starts to fill.

That is the problem I mainly want help with. Otherwise? Helping with p4lib errors would be nice, but also: addons don’t work for me, at all… I have to move the content into the root folder, garrysmod/garrysmod/.

(User was banned for this post ("wrong section" - postal))