Garry's Mod : Chronic Crashes

THERE ARE NO CRASH DUMPS in “acct/garrysmod/” folder. As for Steam dumps, I don’t know.
I think these aren’t crashes, but rather, Garry’s Mod Freezing!

If the thread is still there in the Garry’s Mod section, that will explain better. Otherwise, my garrysmod crashes every time I try to start a game (Probably during connecting, too). It crashes at this screen:

I was working on New Super Mario Bros. PC but I can’t do any more work until I can actually test my code.
I have Windows 7
My screen is 1600x900p
I did not change any code before this started happening, nor did I add any code.


A while ago, sometimes it wouldn’t crash; now, though, it ALWAYS crashes! Please help!

Direct your attention to this thread once you are done reading.

I don’t like double posting, but I don’t want this thread to die. A while ago, I would just have to click the screen until it said “Is not responding…” and I would just click “wait until it does” and it wouldn’t crash. Other times, it would crash, but upon restarting it, it would work fine. Now, I can’t seem to get it to work properly.

Im having this problem alot when i try to download the game files off the server and sometimes it does it on server i am a regular on :frowning:

i hope someone can resolve this soon

Well, yes, good point, but mine happens no matter what gamemode I use, even if I can only use the default 2: TTT, and sandbox.

Is there any crash dump in your Steam/dumps directory?

I will get one!
Well, it doesn’t just crash down, it asks me to end it first. I don’t get a crash log!

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I don’t know how to open a .DMP file…
they are named as follows:


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Opened with notepad++, I get a ton of [NUL]s, [STX]s, [US]s, [ETX]s, etc, with some regular symbols mixed within.

I think these aren’t crashes, but rather, Garry’s Mod Freezing!

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Okay, mathematically, it is only 1:00 over in Britain, so where are all of the earlier risers and late sleepers? (8:14 PM USA EST)

Direct your attention to this thread, again.