Garry's Mod chronic freezing?

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I don’t get crash reports, so I think it isn’t crashing, just freezing beyond work-ability. I don’t think I get any dumps, either, as they all say Steam.exe. I don’t know what’s causing it, though, but it is preventing me from working on New Super Mario Bros. PC! I want to work on this project, but I simply can’t right now. Here is a picture of what I see right before garrysmod closes:

Okay, here’s the thing… I am using a laptop right now. I wish I could use a desktop, but I might not get another working one until July 25th, my Birthday. My old one doesn’t work anymore, even if I haven’t tested it, yet, but I don’t seem to have a monitor I can use with it. I could buy it myself, but then I would owe money to my parents. I am 18, but I still live with my parents D:

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Re-installing from absolutely 0 data has worked!!!