Garry's Mod Cinema - Jesper's Opinion

We made a new series called Jesper’s Opinion, where Jesper gives his opinion and thoughts about gamemodes/servers/communities and more within Garry’s Mod, and plan to branch out to other gaming related subjects and terms! Take a look and tell us what you think!

Disclaimer: Do not feel offended in any way while watching this, I know the Garry’s Mod Community has a lot of great people! I should probably have specified a bit more who I’m talking about in general, but if you’re smart you should realize it! :wink:

i didnt know jailbreak and ttt were roleplaying games

but seriously first the unnecessarily long gmod tower tutorials and now you’re reviewing gamemodes

please stop i couldnt get past 1:44 because of the stupid impersonations of the “viewers” so

  1. Jailbreak and TTT are roleplaying games if anything

  2. It’s not a review

  3. Seems like everyone but you (outside this forum) likes it, so who are you to judge

  1. how
    when you’re roleplaying you’re playing a virtual person inside a virtual world
    in jailbreak or ttt you’re just playing a game with your username slapped on a model until you die 5 mins later

  2. so you giving your opinion on something is not a review it’s just ‘your opinion’ (thats the same exact thing btw)

  3. if no one likes it on this forum why do you keep posting it here

I give up on you. No further comment.

astounding fucking post, should frequent FP more