Garry's Mod - City/Forest Collaboration (Not a community collaboration)

This project has been underway for about a month now, and we figured it was probably time to get some actual feedback on it.


The city only has one more section that needs to be added before its mostly complete. Some blocks still need more work, but we’re pretty happy with the current progress.

More media

The buildings in the small town are all enterable, but the next ones won’t be.
Excluding the town, There’s currently 18 enterable areas in the city.
If you have any suggestions for the layout of that town, please post them.

Still being worked on

Two of the current blocks (From the 4th and 5th pictures.)
Small town
Underground research facility
Train yard
Train tracks

Looks great!

It may be just me, but the two houses behind the other two are kind of in a weird position, there’s no trail or anything leading to them, unless they are garages or sheds or something, they just kind of seem like they are in a weird spot.

Have fun optimizng alllll that. If you want I got pine trees from Ryse if you’d like a few of them.

I’ve been having a hard time figuring out where to even put the houses in spots that weren’t just all on the road, so I guess it would end up being a trail. I’m hoping to get a better layout within a few days.

It doesn’t run too badly right now, but we’ve had to turn a lot of stuff into models due to the t junc limit. I’m curious about those tree models though if you have any screenshots of them in source.

I think we’re going to stick with the episode 2 pines, but thank you for the offer.

I’ll pm you if either of us changes our mind though.

gm_fork has some ep2 tree models grouped together

Looks like the kind of RP map I always wanted. Can’t wait to try this out.

Hopefully once it’s done we’ll actually get a decent server running it. The current map selection on roleplay servers has been pretty homogeneous for ages.

Having some areas of elevation like a hill would be really nice!

Also, maybe some sort of train that goes around the map for transportation. I really like it when maps have trains in.

One important design pointer: Have a nice skybox! It really contributes to how a map feels, and a good skybox and lighting parameters can heavily affect a map’s appearance. Currently I think that the map feels very dull and depressing, maybe brighten the lighting and change the skybox? For example, look at rp_headattackcity; the skybox is very nice and bright and therefore the rest of the map looks much nicer!

The map is actually meant to be abandoned and desolate. The only place with any lighting is the research facility, running on a backup generator of some sort.[/t][t][/t]

The lighting in the facility is still kind of shoddy, and the entrance needs some work, but it’s mostly done. Only a few more buildings for the town as well. Need to replace the grass texture the paths are using too.

Ah, I see! In that case, the lighting fits the atmosphere very nicely! It does a great job of making the map look very depressing and bleak, which I suppose is what you’re doing for.

I look forward to the map’s release!

EDIT: Also, what I meant is about the environmental lighting, like the sun and the natural light.

Yeah it doesn’t quite have to be as bleak as it currently is, and could completely change once the map is almost ready to be released. Still quite a bit of work that needs to be done though, so it’s not really a priority.

3d skybox would be the cherry on top of the cake for this map, other than that no suggestions. great job[/t][t][/t]

No fog


Still a lot more to do on the technical side of the map. Performance isn’t that great, and there’s too many decals on the map.
The farz clip doesn’t seem to be doing its job correctly either, and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s just Garry’s Mod.

This was honestly way too ambitious, but it’s pretty close to being something at least.

I’d take the edge off of the fog, it seems a bit too dense.

Neat map!

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You might decorate the structure of these buildings with some decals and models, they have a very high limit.

Map looks awesome. So much potential in this one. Great job! Looking forward to the release.

Already at some kind of limit for decals sadly. Have to remove some from the other blocks and place them more sparingly around or else they all disappear if you look at a certain angle. I’m not really sure on it though.

Also, thank you to everyone for all the feedback so far.

noramlly when a car drives on grass 100x times it gets dirt. apperently in your map when they drive on dirt it becomes grass. such logic <3

I would put some of the houses where the woods are.