Garrys Mod Comedy Vids!

My channel is full of Garrys Mod gamemodes vids with me and my friends! Subscribe to for more!

Your videos reminds me of the TheSyndicateProject, just shout random shit and people love it for some reason but more to the point. Everyone on YouTube is doing the same thing as you. So why should I watch your videos?

very good i had much fun of watch :)))

Hey, could I get your SteamID?

Wait, I got it.

I recommend you put up a variety of videos, rather than just let’s plays.
Stuff like tutorials, top ten lists, are a few ideas. I don’t usually watch let’s plays but if I do it’s from a channel I’m already subscribed to that has other content that hooked me in.

me too!

“If you want big, be original” ~Rain sometime near the end of 2013

slim, my video is better than you



oops! :tinfoil:

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just kidding. there not pirvate