Garry's Mod Comic Makers

Click to read. Might take a while to load, please be patient. You need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to open this file. If there’re complains, I’ll post this as a .jpg instead.

Why didn’t you just upload it to an image hosting website? No need for a download link.

lol Nice comic bro.

Like I said, I could upload it as a picture.
But it’s not a picture. It’s a PDF.

The link don’t work, took ages to load then said “AN ERROR HAS OCCURED”

Just upload the picture to an image host.

I quite enjoyed it, and I thought the moral was inspirational.

Again, it’s not “a picture”, it’s a comic in PDF form. But if you all prefer it in “classic” shape, here it is:

It’s more fun to read as a PDF file, though.

Well it wasn’t very fun to read in PDF file as it didn’t load.

But yeah the comic is pretty cool.

Why thank you. And sorry about the PDF not loading, I have no idea what might be causing it, but I’ll look into it tomorrow.
Also, wanna tell your zillions of fans to check my modest little comic? Could always use the publicity for my new site. :stuck_out_tongue: (J/K FYI)

You are 100% right, I’ve got a couple comics on the works and a bunch of ideas and it’s all just sitting.

It’s a good comic in terms of introspective, but if you’re trying to make a statement with the .pdf format, it’s not working.

It’s not quite a “statement”, more like an experiment. Can’t blame me for trying to innovate (even if I fail miserably), right?

Fuck I laughed. This was funny stuff. Love the sleeping and porn part. Hilarious points.

I liked it.

yuo suk.

I suppose, but .pdf files are more of a business format and really don’t reflect comics, despite the fact that some comics and image based services use them. The format almost has an “official” connotation attached to it.

Ahh yes…the life of a comic-maker is a selfless one it seems. As most of the time comics are hated if not everyone’s skin is added to them.

What has this “industry” become?

A Dying one, I suppose. :sigh:

It’s a dying medium I guess. People don’t really try any more and no one has somebody to look up to to further inspire them to keep going, hoping one day to be like that idle.

I dream of a day where there will be an active, popular and inspirational band of comic makers that cover the entire spectrum of genres to guide all newbies beyond half-assed interactive comics!

The same was said for Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop once, yet I see kids using the former and a lot of us use the latter. PDFs are no different nowadays, their use is so widespread that most browsers come with Adobe Reader plug-ins. I don’t see why not to take advantage of that.

Oh, also, I doubt we GMod comic makers are a “dying” breed. Just wait till Episode Three and you’ll see. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m modest enough to recognize that, even when I was a PHW member, I was strictly a small-time affair, but I hope so too.
I’d like my new site to grow to become something revelant for GMod by keeping the comic making spirit alive, but then again, I’ve seen a lot of sites like that die ingloriously before. After all, I was in one (Phenomena on Break), and I’m no phenomenon (no pun intended), so expectations are low.

I’m not after fame, just after the return of the 2006-style Garry’s Mod communities, when great comics came out every day, the sites were incredibly active and the authors very creative.

PS: Also, I remember you, Jim_Riley. You were good, but I have to admit I haven’t read anything recent from you. Not much of a forum-goer these days.