Garry's mod Commercial

A short I made In vegas :slight_smile:


Oh come on!

Why ain’t any of you commentin :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the reason why no one is commenting, is the fact that Garrysmod does not need a trailer; let alone a commercial. Overall it was alright, some parts were a bit unorganized. 3/5

The music i liked but it doesn’t really show much of gmod, It looks like a load of half life 2 clips put together. Should of shown some more of gmod


Its a MACHINIMA. A MINI MACHINIMA… Dumbfuck… If you’re gonna comment hatings don’t bother

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming/can't take criticism" - Dragon))

Don’t be so aggressive, i don’t see the point of insulting Ozzy and/or Shadow. They both did a constructive comment.

All the comments and above are criticism, just like you wanted. Ill calm down if i were you unless you want to be hated in this community.

This video dosnt show Garrysmod’s full potential, next time focus on the main parts of garrysmod, Contraptions, ragdoll posing and machinma.


It’s not a commercial for TV. It’s just a small machinima with stuff happening on Gmod.


I don’t find it appropriate to insult a person who is just providing some criticism. Labeling it a “MINI Machinima” doesn’t give you sympathy, in the end it makes you look like a complete fool for asking for it.

There’s the door, don’t let your ass hit it on the way out.

It wasn’t bad, but I probably would have found someone to have done some voice acting for the end of it rather than just use a robotic voice. Unless it was GLaDOS’s.

That was actually pretty good.

Some parts could use some refining, but I think it’s marketable right there.

I thought I over reacted to criticism.
we have broken a record today fokes.

Obviously you can’t take criticism RapistSanta.

Ok Im sorry I called you a dumbf*ck ozzy.

I was just Ill that day and very irritable.
Like a woman on a period :stuck_out_tongue:

And I did the voice at the end from a text-to-speech cause where am I going to find an Adult playing Gmod? Well certainly not on my friends list… At first I wanted an adult female voice, but the same problem occured. So Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughs on this and again, i’m sorry for the insults.

P.S. I’m feeling a lot better now.

Heh, guess I was lucky to get a chick for my machinima.

It was well done, except you didn’t use cl_drawhud 0 and didn’t make lights invisible.


The “more than just a game” doesn’t fit for a sandbox game.

I used r_drawvgui 0 where I could.

Also, Why doesnt it fit?

It’s good, you forgot to cut some parts out though.

You can’t advertise a game to have gameplay if there is officially no gameplay.

It becomes more than a game once you download customly made gamemodes and you can’t commercially expect people to do that. Otherwise it’s just a sandbox/tool.


Rerendered once. Still came up. Then I “fuck it” 'd